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Is there a way to track which user changed the setting of a Point?

  • I used to see which user changed a point setting in Annotation, but not any more. (but perhaps that was on another installation). And would there be a way to pull that data through the API?


    core 2.8.4 build 532

  • I upgraded from 2.8 to 3.2 and to my pleasure the annotation of a point started showing again:

    Value Time Annotation
    0 13:23:18 Set from web by user: admin
    1 10:40:50 User: admin
    0 Oct 06 17:54 Set from web by user: Chatrin
    1 Oct 06 09:18 Set from web by user: Chatrin
    0 Oct 05 15:09 Set from web by user: Chatrin
    1 Oct 04 13:06 Set from web by user: admin
    0 Oct 03 16:52 Set from web by user: Chatrin
    1 Oct 03 14:43 Set from web by user: admin
    0 Oct 02 09:36
    1 Oct 02 09:31

    Yes, I upgraded on Oct 2nd.

    This leaves me even more eager to to get Annotation through the API. Any suggestion on how to do that in an official "Mango Way"?

    REgards, G

  • Hi Balistar,

    I'm a little surprised at the question: annotations are returned with point values through the /rest/v1/point-values

    Are you talking about the angular directives? Is there a specific directive?

  • Hi Phil, I know I can get it by writing a .js to get annotation from the json array that is returned with a REST API GET.

    function(data) { return data.annotation; }

    But I was hoping that something like

    {{myPoint.annotation }}

    would be available.

  • @balistar Annotations are a property of point values, not points. You can display an annotatation for a point value using notation like {{ pointValues[0].annotation }} (where pointValues is an array). You will not get annotations when you use rollups.

  • Thanks Jared. Works perfectly. Now it seems that only some data point values automatically record in annotation the user who set the point e.g.

    Oct 11 17:24 Set from web by user: Chatrin .

    Most data points value do not record the user name who set the point. I can't find a setting in edit Point details or Point Source regarding this. Mango must somehow make a data point value record the point change annotation or not.

    Any suggestions?

  • @Balistar I'm not really following.

    Point values which are recorded from a remote device e.g. polling a modbus slave will not contain an annotation. Setting a point's value via the UI should record an annotation.