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How-to FTP files to Mango ES without root password ??

  • So I can sudo commands on a putty window in our ES but how to ftp files to the server using WSFTP without a password for root because mango has no permissions for this and will not transfer anything? Any help appreciated.

  • Hi Phillip,

    You may consider using Webmin, which you can find on https at port 10000. Logging in with the Mango user will still be very credentialed, and they have an HTML5 file browser that you can manipulate your files through.

    Personally, I do a lot of scp (well, pscp because it's Windows) into /home/mango and then play with it on the server, rather than copying directly to my desired locations.

  • Also you can enable root login over ssh. You'd simply need to change the line for

    PermitRootLogin is set to PermitRootLogin yes

    in /etc/ssh/sshd_config

    We have it disabled by default for security / best practice reasons. You can set the root password by doing a sudo su as mango and then a passwd as root.

  • I changed roots password to same as mango's password.
    I modified this section?

    #PermitRootLogin no
    PermitRootLogin without-password
    StrictModes yes

    to this?

    PermitRootLogin yes
    PermitRootLogin without-password
    StrictModes yes

    Rebooted Successfully
    Still unable to logon as root in WSFTP

  • Close

    PermitRootLogin yes
    #PermitRootLogin without-password
    StrictModes yes

    And then you'll have to sudo service sshd restart

  • Okay thanks again.. it is done and up working again now.

  • FYI, you could also just use something like filezilla to sftp the files into the /home/mango folder and then mv the files with a sudo command. Or even easier use Webmin which is preinstalled on the MangoES. See the end of this for information on webmin. It has a nice browser based file manager built in:

  • Also using the default (without-password as the setting in sshd_config) you can use key authentication, but you'd have to generate a key and add it to the root user's authorized keys.