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Mango Automation 3.0 Released

  • Hello fellow Mango users,

    Mango Automation 3.0 is now officially released and is another large milestone forward for Mango users. Download Now

    You’ll also notice we have updated the website with lots of new information and have put up a new and improved documentation site at Our forum is the same but has moved to

    Here are some highlights and notes about the Mango 3.0 release.

    New frontend UI - Mango has a new HTML5 and AngularJS front end. It offers greatly improved navigation speed, all mobile friendly views and improved analytics tools.

    New Drag & Drop Designer - This WYSIWYG lets you build custom pages without writing code. However for those that like code you can also go directly into code view and work in pure HTML
    0_1493665064462_Designer Demo.gif

    Other features and upgrades include:

    • Customizable Menu
    • New Data Source MQTT
    • Many security enhancements
    • Many updates to the RESTful API
    • Upgraded BACnet Data Source to use BACnet4J 4.0
    • BACnet Publishers can now accept set values
    • See here for some detailed release notes:

    New Free Version
    In an effort to encourage more hobby and educational use of Mango we’ve made the new free version of Mango 3.0 much more powerful. You can now have up to 300 data points of any kind and no user or IP login restrictions. Note that the Free version license is only for personal, education and evaluation purposes.

    New Discounted Commercial Versions
    All commercial licenses now come with the NoSQL Time Series Database. We have several new license options for lower cost with restricted numbers of data points. Enterprise license are still unlimited.

    Big Discounts for Resellers
    Mango 3.0 also has a new list price that is significantly higher than previous versions but we now offer a large reseller discount. Please contact us to register as a reseller and you’ll be given an automatic discount for future purchases.

    Upgrading to Mango 3.0
    Upgrading to Mango 3.0 from previous version is fully supported but there are several items you should consider.

    • The upgrade from Mango version 2 to Mango version 3 is not free, before you upgrade we recommend you contact us to purchase a discounted upgrade license. For a limited time we will also be offering free upgrades in exchange for a short case study on your Mango application.

    • Please read our full list of upgrade notes.

    Until the next time, I wish you great success with your projects.


    Joel Haggar


  • The new website looks great. Where do we request upgrade licenses and/or participation in the case study?

  • Hey @Brad-Boutwell
    You can contact us by phone at (303) 558-7112 or send us an email via this form -

  • Looks great - can't wait to try!

  • I download the new version 3.0 to test,but is not be started right,it stoped on
    INFO 2017-05-08T10:17:38,942 (org.springframework.web.servlet.handler.AbstractUrlHandlerMapping.registerHandler:362) - Mapped URL path [/sqlConsole.shtm] onto handler of type [class com.serotonin.m2m2.web.mvc.UrlHandlerController]
    INFO 2017-05-08T10:17:38,942 (org.springframework.web.servlet.handler.AbstractUrlHandlerMapping.registerHandler:362) - Mapped URL path [/globalScripts.shtm] onto handler of type [class com.serotonin.m2m2.web.mvc.UrlHandlerController]

    have anyone else found this?

  • sorry,have resolved ,it is browser compatibility problem