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  • I need help in setting up connection to MySQL server and (or) MS SQL. What am I need to download for MS SQL, how to setting up driver class, connection string, etc.
    When I want to connect to MySQL database i get error: class java.sql.SQLException: No suitable driver found for jdbc:mysql:<host name>/<db>

  • Hi fenyoster,

    I assume this is about the SQL Data Source. You can find the driver class in the help dialogue for that data source. The little blue question mark (?) is next to the title "SQL Properties" on the SQL data source's edit page. The driver for mysql is com.mysql.jdbc.Driver

    It looks like you're getting that error because the url is malformed. Your connection string should look more like jdbc:mysql://<host name>:<port>/<db> and the default port for MySQL is 3306

    I have not attempted to use MSSQL, but if you wish to connect with it you'll need to find a jdbc driver jar, place it somewhere on the classpath for Mango (I recommend Mango/overrides/lib/ for that) and restart Mango (edit: restart may not be needed). Then you should be able to reference its Driver class (Googling suggests this may be the driver class: ) and connect to it (Googling suggests: jdbc:sqlserver:// is the prefix).

  • @phildunlap said in MySQL - MS SQL Connection help need:


    I`m updated the configuration as you said, and even further i get the error:
    class java.sql.SQLException: No suitable driver found for jdbc:mysql:<host name>:3306/<db>

    I entered the fields driver class name, connection string username, password. Is there something that must be set?

  • Does your connection string begin with jdbc:mysql://?

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  • @fenyoster That was the problem, as you said! The double slash is failed!


    Many Thanks!

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