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Graphics replaced by an Icon "Image Chart" in WatchList and Details

  • I experienced the absence of graphic in the WatchList and Data points details.
    The graphics appears as an Icon named "Image Chart".
    Any solution to bring back the graphics ?

  • I just checked and it's a 500 error. It doesn't find the PNG. It happened after updating Mango to the last version. Anybody from Infinite Automation for a fix?

    0_1491219810486_Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 13.43.04.png

  • Fixed. It was a problem of due to an update. We had to remove the file: mango/classes/org/jfree/data/Range.class

  • Hi Pascal and philgdep,

    Pascal, what philgdep is describing could cause that error. You'd know because there will be a stack trace coming out into Mango/logs/ma.log every time you load a page with a chart if it is that issue. It will complain about a NoSuchMethodError from Range.class, which philgdep has included the path to find it and delete it. You'd have to restart Mango to pick up the changes.

    If on the other hand it is a different error, share the stack trace and we'll see what that issue is.

  • Hi @phildunlap, im actually working with pascal. So the error is fixed now. We upgraded from 2.6.?? To the latest version friday and got the bug. Is there anything else that we should look at ?

    The server seems to be very slow since the update was done. But everything seems to work ok.

  • Hi philgdep,

    Ah okay. No deleting that class file is the beginning and the end of solving that issue (well, you probably already had to restart Mango) What slowed down?

    One of the lowest hanging fruits to speed up a Mango is to change the database stream type in the file. Try setting


    in and restarting.