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How to make the theme option working in the Amchart

  • Hi,

    I am trying to change the theme option in any of the chart but it seems that it didn't work. I had folowwed instructions as what you mentioned to load the amCharts theme in the app.js but it didn';t work either.

    In my app.js file,


    ], function(angular, maMaterialDashboards, maAppComponents, require, Page, pageView, livePreview, moment) {
    'use strict';....

    I added the that line which you mentioned at the end. However, there is no effect on the chart colour.
    Please see the chart option as below:

    ma-serial-chart style="height: 300px; width: 100%" series-1-values="point1Values" series-1-point="point1" legend="true" balloon="true" export="true"
    options="{theme: 'dark', chartScrollbar:{'enabled': true, 'scrollbarHeight': 5}, export: {'position': 'bottom-right'}, valueAxes: [{'id': 'ValueAxis-1','color': '#FFFFFF'}]}"


    Can you please see what other settings need to be done in order for the theme to work in the chart? Thanks alot.

    Mok Kiew