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AutomationDirect P3-550 PLC's

  • Has anyone tried to connect to the AutomationDirect PLC P3-550 or P3-550E with the Allen Bradly Data Source? The PLC is tag name like the Allen Bradly’s. They use EtherNet/IP communication and much less cost.

  • @LarryE
    Hey Larry. I'm using AutomationDirect's PLC P2-550 which is part of the same family line and uses tags as well. I setup a demo of Mango and was able to read/write values without an issue. I didn't use the AB data source, instead I just enabled modbus on my controller and created modbus addresses for any tag I wanted to read. Not quite as easy/clean as being able to reference the tag name directly but it works great.

    Best of luck!

  • Adam Hi; I am still trying to use the Ethernet/IP data source. I can get mango to see the processor but Tells me "unable to start the session" . Thanks for your reply and I'll use the modbus like you said if I can't get this to work.
    Thanks again.