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Why my extendApp.html page not loaded correctly in the customized dashboard

  • Hi,

    I am trying to customize the extendApp.html template to have my own controller but it seems like the file path issue which I couldn't get the page load properly in the customized dashboard.

    The extendApp.html and extendApp.js are located at opt/mango/overrides/web/modules/dashboards/web/adminTemplate/views/nu_app/ folder.

    Attached are both of the files extendApp.html and extendApp.js.
    [1_1489463155284_extendApp.html](Uploading 100%) [0_1489463155282_extendApp.js](Uploading 100%)

    Can you please help tocheck through both files, see what actually the problems are? Thank you very much.

    Mok Kiew

  • Hi Mok Kiew,

    It looks like your uploads didn't work. When dragging a file into the post edit box, you want to be sure you see them turn into blue links in the preview panel on the right side of the page, it can take a moment, and on rare occasion you may have to try the upload again or use the buttons to attach the file.