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  • I have a problem that I'm dealing with right now.

    I've set up a modbus data source to read and set a setpoint.
    I multiply the read value by 0.1 to get the right value.
    This works fine in most cases but sometime the vale comes up with a lot of decimals (eg. 1.00000001).
    This looks bad on Graphic views.
    The solution I used for that is the Text renderer properties where I set the format to 0.0
    The value comes up with 0,0 because I'm using a non US computer.
    Next problem is when I'm setting a new value.
    The setpointbox shows the value with a comma as decimalpoint but Mango doesn't accept values with , (comma). It only accepts . as decimal separator.

    This get somewhat confusing for users.

    Personly I don't mind using point as decimal and it would be better not to localize the decimalsign because unformatted values are shown with point.

    Is there anyone who have a better solution for this?


  • Hi pegi,

    This is actually a known problem. The only workaround right now is to do as you are doing. My apologies to your users.

  • sorry, wrong message