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History/Chart random refresh data issue using the Mango API/dslink v1.2 in DGLux5

  • Having a strange issue with an automatic 5 second refresh of point history data to all of my charts in dglux 5 using the version 1.2 dslink in DSA / DGLux5. I have Mango 2.8.4 and DGLux5 installed on the same physical Windows 7 PC with plenty of free memory (3456 MB) available for JVM. It seems that every so often, but not always, when a History block within DGLux5 asks for the history data of any given Mango point, it will return no table data for the chart, causing a blank chart. I am using multiple history blocks in one chart display for comparative reasons (ie. comparing todays usage with yesterdays usage on the same data point). This seems to introduce an occasional "mixup" of history block data as well, where yesterdays returned data will randomly fill in the "Today" history block. After a 5 second refresh, it will correct itself after another refresh for a bit, but to only randomly "Blank" or "Mixup" the table data returned to the history blocks. I'm not sure if I'm placing too many calls at once to the Mango API?? Are there any timeout settings that need to be adjusted? Do you have any recommended ways to test to see what may be going on?

  • If you could capture the API calls that the DGLux5 server is making that would be helpful. Since we don't have any experience with DGLux5 it's hard to say but we can look at the API calls. You should be able to see this in Chrome Developer tools.

  • Hi Joel,

    Not too familiar with Chrome Developer tools. I've got the developer tools open, I'm on the network tab, It says "Recording Network Activity", I'm seeing the charts exhibit the issue, but not much is logging in the developer tools window. Could this be because I'm not logged directly onto the DGLux5/Mango server? Do I need to have a chrome browser open locally, or will being connected from another location via Chrome browser get you what you need?

  • Click on the Networks tab in developer tools. Here is a screen of what you should see. The one I have highlighted is a history query. That said I just realized that DGLux5 might do all it's api communication with Mango on the server and not directly from the browser so it will be interesting to see what you see. Once you have the network tab open try changing a date range or something to cause a history query to refresh.


  • Looks like i am not able to see the direct communications between Mango and the DGLux Server. If I open up developer tools while viewing a sample Mango dashboard, i see the history api calls just fine, like what you show in your screenshot. However, with a dglux5 dashboard page open, I see no such interaction with the Mango server when the charts update. It must be as you said, and not called from the browser directly as in a Mango dashboard.

  • Bummer, sounds like a DGLux5 issue or the DSA Link to Mango, I've never seen anything like that in Mango. I would try contacting DGLogik and have them take a look at it. Maybe DGLux has a way of turning on logging so we can see the communications back and forth.

  • I would say it's the Mango DSA link that has the problem. Calls to other history data tables in dglux not related to mango do not show that issue. DGLogik has been very little help lately. I will try to reach out to them.
    However, If I do not have much success with them, do you happen to know of an alternate method to make api calls to Mango from javascript? There are javascript blocks you can use in DGLux to return JSON data to a table. I could dynamically change the datapoint path variable in the script for different chart point histories possibly. May be biting off more than I could chew, but I'm desperate at this point. People screaming at me for project completion. Thanks again for all your help.

  • I'd be surprised if the DGLux JavaScript environment would work for this. Here is example code for authentication:

    Here is information on how to explore the API to figure out URLs to use.

    I think you would be better off trying to get someone to look at the DSA Mango Link. Unfortunately we don't have any kind of environment or DGLux5 instance running to test this.

  • Joel,

    I just found an error log associated to the Mango dslink:
    Was wondering if you could take a quick look to see if any of these errors made sense to you.

  • This could be useful. I'll ask one of our developers to take a look later today.