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  • hello,

    i am very new in Bacnet ;) i want to lern how can i connect an UDP server with Bacnet4J klasses for example for an Analog Input object?

    best regards,

  • Hi, I have the same problem. I have a Johnson Controls FX40 and set up some analogue temperature BACNet points on the FX40.

    The FX40 is attached to a fixed IP address wireless router and I can easy get in there to change the logic or monitor the logic.

    I tried to setup a BACNet point using mango and in the Device ID I enter 5667 which is the device ID and in broadcast address I enter in the fixed IP address where I want to connect too.

    What do I enter in the port address, at this time its 47808 and as for the wireless fixed IP address router I only port forward, 8080, 3011, 1911, 9973 to the FX40 and that’s all that is needed.

    I can enable the device and no warnings or alarms appear, and when i change the port to 8080 or use whois i get "Address already in use: Cannot bind" and i get that on all the above port addresses 8080, 3011, 1911, 9973.

    Has anyone got any ideas ?