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  • Hi,

    my customer needs to view a DGLux page created by me on their MangoES. I followed the instruction as described into "dglux-login-options-and-making-a-dashboard-public" point 3. This is my "" content:


    I have create a public.nav like described in the video of the page and this is the content:

    <nav version="1.0">
    <node name="Home" ord="dglux:" icon="file:!packs/icons/d/document-globe.png">
    <node name="Home" ord="" icon="file:!packs/icons/d/document-globe.png">
    <node name="test.dgml" icon="file:!packs/icons/d/document.png" ord="file:!dgml/test.dgml"/>
    <node name="Uniflare.dgml" icon="file:!packs/icons/d/document.png" ord="file:!dgml/Uniflare.dgml" default="true"/>

    The first problem is that when I try to access to DGlux by http://<MY_URL>/dglux/login.htm I can see the login page but my "public" user credentials are ignored (the answer is "Invalid Login") but if I try to access with Admin credentials it works (obviously).

    Where I wrong ?. The public.nav was correctly generated?

    Thanks for your help.

  • You need to also create the "public" user in Mango and give permissions to any data points that are used in the dashboard. You'll also need to add the email address of the user into the file as well.

  • Hi Joel,

    yes, I had already created the user "public" in DGLux before to try the access.


    Perhaps something is missing?

    I tryed to add the email address for the public user but nothing changes ...


  • Can you log into the regular Mango Login page with the public user?

  • No, I can't log into the regular Mango Login page (Invalid login is the answer).

  • That's your problem. This is what I mean by make sure your public user is in Mango. In Mango go to the users page and create the public user. When you make a dashboard public it is just auto logging in as the user you put in the file so you still need to have the user all set up with the right permissions to view data in Mango just like any other user.

  • Hi Joel,

    the problem was in Mango. I didn't create the user "public" in Mango but only in DGLux. Now it works fine!



  • Hi Joel,

    now we still have a little problem. Take a look of the following screenshoots: the first ( Chrome ) is with the admin access and the second ( Mozilla ) with the "public" access. Could be some library missing?

  • Admins have access to view all data by default but non-admin users need to be given permissions to view specific data points. Please see:

  • Yes. Now it's OK! Your link is really valuable!

    Thanks again!