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Datapoints out of sync in same datasource

  • Once in a while I notice that a datapoint isn't showing-up in the same time frame as other points from the same device and datasource. For example the attached screeenshot shows a compressor call which is out of sync with the call duration and energy used by the compressor. I plotted three related points to determine that the binary compressor call variable is the one out of sync by being 30 minutes behind. It could be a time zone related issue since we are in Newfoundland which has a 30 minute head start compared to the rest of Atlantic Canada but both the server and device time zones are in Newfoundland as is the admin user account I use.

    Has anyone seen this before and know how to fix it?

    0_1483576389144_mango sync issue.PNG

  • Hi Benoit,

    What type of data source is this?

    I've not seen it before, but with knowledge of the data source type it probably isn't too tricky to track down. Many data sources provide means to get the timestamp in the content, so perhaps that is the timestamp in the message or data?

    It may be easy to work around with a meta point, where p is the future dated point, something like:

    TIMESTAMP=p.time-1800000; //30 min
    return p.value;

  • We're using a Modbus-TCP datasource. This kind of problem has been reported to us a few times over the last couple years by our customers but this is the first time I've experienced it. Like I said in the original post, I think it has something to do with time zones getting messed-up.

  • A couple of things you could check would be the logging setting on each data point. Your Compressor Call (Binary) should be set to "log on change" And your KW will probably be on a 1 minute average or something like that.

    The other thing that would be good to do would be to export the data for that same chart as Excel so the time stamps can be verified independently of the chart to see if the data is just being displayed incorrectly on the chart but actually saved in the database correctly.