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LoginPageTemplate help, logging in goes to mango not dashboard

  • Trying to play with the LoginPageTemplate. I did what the instructions say, but if I try to login under /user-dashboards/loginPageTemplate, it directs me to the main mango page. ( http://localhost:8082/data_point_details.shtm), rather than the user-dashboards/loginPageTemplate/home. Although if I am already logged into mango, it will show to correct home.html (that shows 'you are logged in as XXX' and link to page 1)
    Did I miss a step? I'm trying to make a custom dashboard with its own login, but can't get this to work right. Using Mango 2.8.4 with dashboards 3.4

  • Hey @Dan-M, as per Joel's email can you please install dashboards v3.3, Version 3.4 should not have been released to the public yet and is in an incomplete state. If you still have a problem on v3.3 please let me know and I'll help you out.

  • thanks @Jared-Wiltshire . that fixed that issue..
    another problem now, is there a way to make the loginpagetemplate work with bootstrap 3? The page comes up but uses angular material for formatting and not working right with bootstrap. I tried to just load maDashboards rather than maMaterialDashboards but doesn't work.. Spent [too] much time getting my bootstrap page working right and rather not have to redo it with angular material.

    FYI, the loginpagetemplate in the dashboard example (app.js) doesnt match the actual template. The example only has maDashboards rather than maMaterialDashboards.


  • So I managed to figure something out, hopefully it won't mess with other stuff.. I modified maMaterialDashboards and removed Md-pickers, which was what was causing my problem.
    Is there a way to just bypass all this and not call maMaterialDashboards? It won't load with just calling maDashboards in my app.js. I want to still be able to use mdAdmin if needed..

     * @copyright 2016 {@link|Infinite Automation Systems, Inc.} All rights reserved.
     * @author Jared Wiltshire
            'angular-material-data-table'], function(angular, maDashboards) {
    'use strict';
    return angular.module('maMaterialDashboards', ['maDashboards', '']);
    }); // define