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Set-point-value and show-button=false not working

  • I've been working in a slightly older version of Mango (2.7.12 maybe?) and just upgraded to latest. I cannot get <ma-set-point-value> to work when using show-button="false". The value will not change. It works fine when show-button=true or exclude show button, but I need to to work without it..
    Also, it would be good that to have it set on change when the element loses focus. I only had it work previously when enter was specifically pressed. I added ng-blur to the directive, fixing it..

    I tried doing the value change using a fresh install of the latest mango without show button and doesn't seem to work..

  • Seems it has something to do with the change to 'convertRendered() in setPointValue.js

  • @Dan-M unless I'm mistaken, ma-set-point-value only ever worked with show-button="false" when it was a binary or multi-state point. You could try this for setting when pressing enter -

        <label>Set value</label>
        <input type="number" step="any" ng-model="inputValue" ma-copy-blurred="myPoint.value" ng-disabled="!myPoint.pointLocator.settable" ng-keypress="$event.which === 13 && myPoint.setValue(inputValue)">

  • @Dan-M said in Set-point-value and show-button=false not working:

    Seems it has something to do with the change to 'convertRendered() in setPointValue.js

    What version of the dashboard module are you using?

  • Im using v3.4. It was working in v3.2 though.