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Upgrading from ~4yr old MangoES to a new ( our spare stock, ~2yr old) MangoES at customer site

  • I am need of help in explaining what files can/must be moved over (and how best to perform the task) from the existing system to the new system so that we can make a relatively easy porting and setting up of the newer MangoES unit. We want the new unit to do exactly the same things as the unit that we are removing. We have been having problems with the LAN port on the system and have some reason to believe that the problem originates with the current MangoES unit.... or at least we are doing this exercise to rule out this issue by installing a new unit so that the customer and other vendors to our customer can't point their finger at us (MangoES) as being the reason that the system locks up the network.
    I understand that the /opt directory needs to be copied over to the new unit, all except for the license file. What is the name of the license file(s)?
    We also have vpn access to this unit via infinite automation. What files in relation to this need to be updated/ported, etc.

    Any pointers or recommendations would be very much appreciated. We are starting this job this afternoon so any input ASAP would be required.
    This system uses the DGLux along with the Mango automation database, etc.

  • I believe for the openvpn all you will need to do is copy over the configuration files from


    The license file is named m2m2.license.xml

    Have you added other things into the opt directory? If not, I would advice only migrating /opt/mango to the new device from /opt