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cannot be upgraded due to versioning problem

  • While upgrade the core 2.7.12 build 481 to core 2.8.2, i have encountered error message pop up.
    Refer to photo for details of error and GUI.

    Kindly advise what should I do to resolve the problem.

    Thank you.

  • This is caused because you have the abpccc and probably the abeip module installed. These modules are from a third party and they have not updated them yet for version 2.8 or the core. If you are not using those protocols (they are Data Sources) you can first uninstall them and then check for the upgrade. To remove them go to the Modules page in your Mango and click the Delete button next to the modules you want to remove. Then click the Restart button at the top of the page. After restart is complete check for updates again.

    If you are using these modules you'll have to wait until they are available for 2.8 which will hopefully be soon.

  • These modules are now available for the 2.8 Core, so updating should no longer be an issue for users of these modules.