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  • Hi,
    I have problem with mango starts very long. The start time can take up to 30 min...
    There is no errors in ma.log. Where can be problem. I have tested the same version of mango scada on other machine (the same type) and it started in about 1 minute.

  • Hi przemom,

    A few questions,

    1. What is your database backend? Are you using the NoSQL module?
    2. How many data points does the Mango have?
    3. What percentage through the startup does the delay happen at?

  • Hi,
    ad. 1. in classes/ I have selected h2 but in overrides/classes/ I have selected mysql. I guess that mysql backend is used
    ad. 2. 50
    ad.3. 88%

  • Hmm. I would expect you're still on H2 then. Your file gets overridden in Mango/overrides/properties/ . You could confirm that it's H2 by checking at the top of your system settings page, or seeing if there is a decent size file at Mango/databases/mah2.h2.db

    Pausing at 88% suggests to me that in your file "swagger.enabled=true" . Swagger can definitely add a minute or two to startup, as it constructs the page at host:ip/swagger . If you are not using swagger, you could disable that property.

    Can you post a picture of it paused at 50% and what it says? The steps at 50% should be quite fast.

  • Mariadb is a backend. It slack on 88%.
    0_1479148232289_Zrzut ekranu z 2016-11-14 19-25-42.png
    0_1479148324134_Zrzut ekranu z 2016-11-14 19-26-35.png

  • Okay, i agree it is on a MySQL or Maria from the log image. For 75%, I would ask the size of the PointValues table... But, from the image you shared, 75% should only be taking 1608 + 1861 + 2811 +8339 = 14.6s so I wouldn't think that's really a major slowdown. Was saying it was paused at 50% incorrect? I still believe 88% relates to having swagger enabled in your

  • Thanks,
    after disabling swagger

    #For rest API Documentation at /swagger/index.html

    startup took ~4minutes, thanks. Problem solved.

  • Glad to hear it!