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Dashboard did not reconnect after server restart

  • The dashboards are running in Chromium on a Raspberri Pi (OS is fullpageos). I just updated and restarted the server, but the dashboards did not reconnect. I had to restart the Pis. See image:


  • @mihairosu
    Can we get some more information

    • Mango core, mangoApi, and dashboards module versions
    • Do you have auto-login setup?
    • Did you see any notifications at the bottom of the screen?

  • Of course:

    • Core 2.7.12 build 481

    • Yes Auto-Login is enabled and it does work

    • There was no notification on the bottom of the screen.

    When I was running these through Chromium on Ubuntu, I DID see a notification and a re-connect. Then I moved these screens over to the Raspberri Pis. This could be an issue with the Chromium version that fullpageOS is using.

    Unfortunately, I did not have any other dashboards open at the time to be able to test the difference.

    I'll await for any instructions.

  • @mihairosu
    If possible can you try and point a Chromium on Ubuntu browser and the fullpageOS browser at the same dashboard and restart Mango? This will help us confirm if it is a browser support issue on fullpageOS. I dont have a Raspberry Pi to test with.

  • I loaded both Chrome and Firefox on a Windows 7 computer to test.

    After restarting mango:

    1. I did not get the notification at the bottom on any of the open screens
    2. They did not reconnect after mango was back up

    Could it perhaps have been caused by that change you sent to me, from this thread?

    Speaking of the notification at the bottom, can I make it disappear after a short period of time? I remember last time it stuck around for a while, and was interfering with reading the screen. I restarted the pcs to clear the notification.

  • I don't think so. Just quickly while I'm looking into this, what is your mangoApi, and dashboards module versions?

    edit. OK As per the thread you linked to you are running dashboards 3.2.2 with the patch I sent you. I'm going to assume you are on mangoApi 1.1.7

  • Yep:
    mangoApi 1.1.7
    dashboards 3.2.2

  • @mihairosu
    I've identified the issue and it is again related to the fact that you are running custom pages that don't inherit from the 'dashboard' state (i.e. no toolbars), this is definitely a use case we want to support so thanks for helping us to identify this problem. We are doing a release of the dashboards module today probably so I'll ensure a fix for this is included. Sorry it didn't work smoothly first time around.

  • Glad I could be of help from time to time ;)

    Since this is only a minor issue, I'll gladly wait for the next release.

  • @mihairosu
    I've released Dashboards v3.2.4 which includes the fix if you would like to test it. Make sure you clear your browser cache. Also if you copied the previous fix I sent you into overrides make sure you delete it from there.

  • Your changes have successfully resolved the issue, and I noticed you made the notifications go away on their own. Very nice!

  • @mihairosu said in Dashboard did not reconnect after server restart:

    Your changes have successfully resolved the issue, and I noticed you made the notifications go away on their own. Very nice!

    I actually didn't change anything with the notifications disappearing, that was always in there. It may have been related to this fix. In any case, glad its working.