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metadata points to calculate duty cycle and measure on and off time

  • Hi All,

    I'm monitoring an air conditioner and part of the stats I'm collecting is compressor On/Off via a binary value.

    From this I'd like to calculate

    1. Duty Cycle over the last 60 minutes
    2. On-time (either most recent or perhaps an average of on-time over the last 60 mins?)
    3. Off-time (either most recent or perhaps an average of on-time over the last 60 mins?)

    I'm totally lost as to how to even start to calculate this stuff with a metadata point. Can anyone provide any hints?


  • I would suggest you check out the output of print( p123.past(HOUR) ); in a meta point with your Binary point in context. There's a good chance it has all the information you're looking for in it. You can find more details about the statistics or point values functions in the Mango Java Script help, which you can access through either the Meta Point or the Meta Data Source help dialogues, near the bottom in the 'Related Items' section.

  • Hi Phil,

    Thanks for the info... I'll check it out.