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Set Value and Time from Meta Data Source

  • Hi, I have added a new protocol to mango (openv4j) for Viessmann heating systems ( and (the reverse engeneering page in german) - One If its stable source code will follow.

    so reading one value take 3 sec ... to get the timepoint of burner starts I get the operating time for the burner.... So I thougth getting the change and then calculate the difference from the last value gives the timepoint of start/end very precicely.

    So is ther a way to archive this?? - Set value and timepoint for that value?


  • @apl said:

    So is ther a way to archive: Set value and timepoint for that value?

    I believe this is upcoming in the next mango version, see this thread: towards the end

  • No I think not exactly what I want.

    I want something like:

    var isCurrentlyON = p11.value > p11.valueBeforeThis.value;
    result.value = isCurrentlyON;
    result.time = p11.time - (p11.value - p11.valueBeforeThis.value) * 1000;
    return result;

    This should calculate the exact timestamp when the burner switches ON.


  • Hi Arne,

    Assuming your script calculations are correct, all you would have to change (come the next version) is this:

    TIMESTAMP = p11.time - (p11.value - p11.valueBeforeThis.value) * 1000;

    The setting of this global variable will be detected after the script runs and will be used as the timestamp of the sample.