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  • Hey guys, installed the server on as a demo. I really like the way it has been written. I have been playing around with it as a benchmark to compare the "big boys" of SCADA/HMI against. In alot of ways its better but its going to be a tough sell for me to convicnce my team this is the way to go. Either way I think I am going to atleast try it out with some home automation tasks in my spare time.

    Anyway.... The reason I am posting is that the little view screens I have made are working but there isn't a chart option on the little mouseover popups. I have looked through the options but couldn't figure out how to enable that option. I see "Info" icon and the "Wrench" for settable options but not the cool chart icon.

  • Hi Sam,

    I think you're talking about image charts on the views. Image chart characteristics are assigned to the points themselves so that they appear in views and the watchlist. So, go to the point editing page (the lego brick with the pencil) and edit the "chart renderer properties".

    You can also create an "image chart" component on a view that will display multiple points on a single chart.

  • Hi, thanks for the quick reply, but I wasn't able to find that. I am running version 1.6.4.

    I have looked at the point configuration options but its not there, is it possible its not available with virtual or meta-data points?

  • Definitely should be there. Check that you are the data_point_edit.shtm page. "Chart renderer properties" is bottom left. Also make sure you don't have any Javascript errors. If you see the copyright notice, all should be good.

  • Ahh! I was looking at the configuration on the data sources page. Might be worth linking from there to this other page. Works perfectly now, its a very nice effect adds a bit of the wow factor.


  • :) Thanks.

    Re linking, there's a bit of an icon clash that has been a small thorn in the paw for a while now, but there's still no good solution.