Greetings Mango Users,

Mango Automation version 2.6.0 has been released. This is a major release with a lot of important changes and improvements. This release includes significant changes to user permission system and includes a powerful new Excel Reporting Module, read below for more details and the full list.

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Mango Admin and User Improvements

  • New Internal Metric page displays detailed information on internal operation and memory usage.
  • New Start-up extensions can be used to set memory settings for different sized systems.
  • Added ability to set thread pools on system setting page. Important for very large installations.
  • Added system settings to customs login page and other custom page locations.
  • Upgraded user permissions to support user groups.
  • New permission setting allows bulk permission setting of data points.
  • Added permission options to control access to modules and features.
  • Added template system for data point settings such as logging and text rendering options. When templates are updated changes are pushed to all points using the template.
  • Added ability to export and import data points in csv format.
  • The value of the data point is now included into the email fired from an event detector.
  • Added ability to create Virtual comm ports on the system setting page.
  • Added option to include system performance information and process thread list in a Event Handler email. Useful to collect diagnostics information in the event of a server performance issue.
  • New code editor with syntax highlighting for meta data points and scripting data sources.
  • New event detector for detecting smoothness. Useful for detecting a bad sensor or increased "noise" in a signal.
  • Multiple important security vulnerabilities resolve.

New Developer Features

  • Added ability to override web.xml via placing a modified file at overrides/web/web.xml
  • Added ability to enhance the base web.xml by placing override-web.xml into overrides/web/override-web.xml
  • Added new Module Element Definitions for Templates, Rest Models and Rest JSON deserialization so new Modules can leverage these features
  • Added ability for Data Source modules to allow exporting of their data points as CSV and JSON
  • Added new states for Modules to use: Install and Upgrade
  • Improved Scripting functionality by streamlining old system and adding new Utilities for Data Point and Data Source management
  • Integration of RQL parsing via AST
  • Various security enhancements
  • Upgrade AmCharts to 3.17.2
  • Improved reliability of scripts to stop and start Mango
  • Upgraded startup/shutdown/restart scripts to log to logs/ma-script.log
  • Many changes and improvements to the RESTful API and JavaScript API
  • Upgraded example and documentation on using the JavaScript API

Enterprise NoSQL Database Improvements

  • Added Incremental Backup options and restore tool
  • various bugs fixed
  • Greatly improved corruption scan speed and added multi threading options
  • Greatly improved backup and purge speeds
  • Upgrade library to capture bugfix for backdate posting and performance improvements to backdate posting.
  • Adding System settings for adjusting corruption scan threads.

BACnet Data Source and Publisher

  • Upgraded to work with core version 2.6.0
  • Adding Mango API model support
  • Adding SerialUID's to the point locators, on module start existing UIDs are replaced with -1.
  • Changed COV subscription IDs to use the data point ID instead of incrementing counter.
  • Upgraded BACnet4J to 3.1.2
  • Fix for BACnet error "Cannot send a request in the socket listener thread."

Persistent TCP Data Source and Publisher

  • Added sync range count request timeout setting for publisher
  • Added logic to publisher to allow reconnecting syncs even if the connection is terminated
  • Added a column for the date/time that all data points are synced to on the edit page
  • Improved sync from time tracking accuracy within the sync handler
  • Added Device Name column to points list
  • Bugfix to ensure that the new sync from time gets set and the publisher does not have to be re-started.
  • Bugfix where not every point was getting the sync from time set on the page.
  • Added ability to set the sync from time on the edit page.
  • Added socket timeout setting
  • Added test connection period setting
  • Added sync response timeout setting

Modbus Data Source and Publisher

  • Added ability to use multiple types of modbus registers such as 2 byte Int or 4 byte float.
  • Fixed bug on Data Source page where adding a point via the tool would not work.
  • Adding additional publisher options for publishing Numeric points as Integers and 4 byte floats.
  • Upgrading Modbus4j to 3.0.0 to be able to adjust message timing, and reduce dependencies
  • Adding settings to override the Modbus4j default message timing settings

Custom Dashboards

  • Added Javascript API version 2.0
  • Added documentation for API
  • New examples for API version 2.0
  • Upgraded to work with core version 2.6.x
  • Modified RealTimeModel to use 'timestamp' instead of 'time' for its timestamp
  • Bugfixes
  • Add RealtimeDataProvider and PointEventManager
  • CAUTION: Removed persist path to allow full upgrade of module's web folder. Ensure any custom work is moved to the overrides folder in the core.
  • To add new files to this module place them in the core/overrides/web/modules/dashboards/web/ folder with an identical structure
  • Added ability to override files using the mango-javascript URL mapping prefix

New Modules:

Excel Reports

  • This is a powerful reporting module that allows you to use a Excel document as a template for reports. Mango will automatically insert data into the document and optionally email it to you on a schedule. Learn more.Learn more

Measurlogic DTS Cell Data Source

  • Data Source to receive energy data sent from a Measurlogic cellular energy meter.

eGauge Data Source

  • Data Source Module to poll data from eGauge energy meter including history sync.

Data Point Detail View

  • New HTML5 page for viewing data point details. Includes amChart with roll up and interval options for chart.