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  • Hello-- Looking for a consultant to develop a dash board using Mango
    for the following:


  • The IP Sensor Appliance serves up static web pages with dynamic data updates
    every second or two. Most users can set up and utilize the appliance without
    any training or support in less than 5 minutes due to the innovative and
    familiar web browser based configuration.

    Also does data logging, displaying data as a graph.
    also does email alerts

    While the web pages aren't that fancy looking, and you are limited to ~2000 points for data logging, exactly what is it that mango provides that this thing doesn't already do?

  • Need a dashboard to view multiple units on a single page. Should be
    able to define which points are to be displayed from which IP address.
    The unit by itself is self sufficient but in applications where there are
    more than one unit, a dashboard would be preferred.

  • what is it that mango provides that this thing doesn't already do?

    Craig, bite your tongue. :( Mango does an awful lot of other stuff. You even built some of it.

  • of course! i wanted to know exactly what maverick was after...

  • :) Heh. Cool.

    Maverick, I can help you out with that unless Craig wants to take it on.

  • I'd like to take on new projects and clients but i've got existing one to finish first! maverick will be better off with the mango master