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Washington State Legal Pot Farm installation

  • I have used this software before with great success at a Seattle based smoke house to control smoke ovens. I started work at a legal pot farm and found the need to be able to remotely view temps and RH% inside of greenhouses as well as control irrigation systems. So now starts the project. First thing is finding the right sensor. I went with the Omega z-series battery powered Temp and RH sensor. Good range and BATTERY powered. they have there own software but I want something that I can GROW :). They have OPC server software so I install it and I install MANGO. Now Im having a small issue setting up the server data source. Probable something simple has anyone used a NEWPORT OPC server with mango and could lend a hand? and for those interested check out my farm at the best sungrown cannabis on the legal market.

  • I don't have any experience with OPC DA other than knowing it's a pain to get all the windows security setting correct which is generally the issue.

    Here are some old instructions provided by one of our customers that might help:

    1 – By default the Windows Firewall is turned on. To continue, please, turn off. Just enter on Control Panel, access Windows Firewall and at ‘General’ tab select deactivate.
    2 – In ‘Exceptions’ tab, add all OPC Servers and OPC Clients. Also add ‘OPCEnum.exe’ which is in ‘Windows\System32’.
    3 – Add a port with the following configurations => Name: DCOM, Number: 135 and choice TCP.
    Configuring DCOM
    1 – Go to ‘Start’ menu and in ‘Execute’ type: ‘DCOMCnfg’ and click Ok.
    2 – In ‘Console Root’ click ‘Component Services’.
    3 – Click ‘Computers’ to expand.
    4 – Click ‘My Computer’ located in the right pane with the right mouse button and select ‘Properties’.
    5 – Go to ‘COM Security’ tab.
    6 – Click ‘Edit Limits’, in Access Permissions and for all users check option ‘Allow’ to local access and remote access.
    7 – Click ‘Edit Limits’ in Launch and Activation Permissions and for all users check the option ‘Allow’ to local launch and remote startup and also as to local activation and remote activation.

    Mango OPC Configuration:

    • Username: windows username
    • Password: windows password
    • Domain: not necesary
    • host: OPC server machine IP

  • HI there is a tool MatrikonOPC has that called the Tunneler it eliminates the need to uses DCOM completely and allows you to forget about windows security profile configuration completely. Check out this link for additional info on tunneller [link text](link

    Good luck..