At this moment,I have a BM sensor and want to receive the datas through serial test data source. The brochure is as per the attachment, please refer to page 18 if my target setting is to pick out the second figure of the second among all the received datas when the order <STX>DA<CR> is made?which means the +2578+02 among <STX>MD03 001 +2578+02 00 00 023 000000<SP>. How should I set up?

<STX>MD03 001 +2578+02 00 00 023 000000<SP>
002 +5681+00 00 00 023 000000<SP>
003 +1001+03 00 00 023 000000<CR><LF>

I make the order through <STX>DA<CR>. receive a serial of datas and the datas are received by using the second as base point

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