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Meta datapoint manual exectute

  • in some reasons,the meta datapoints don't execute or don't execute right ,but the time have gone, cant't execute it again!
    for example,one points every night 0 clock calculate percentage of the reference value, they need some manual input values(reference value etc),but the user often don't input value in time, so this case,need to execture the meta point after the time.

  • You could make your meta point settable, then run your meta point script and manually copy and paste the results into the meta point.

    Have you tried the 'generate history' function?

  • Would it not work to just set your meta data point to update on Context change of the input data point? This way the script would run any time someone enters a new value.

  • thanks you reply, And the important point is the pointvalue's timestamp, when we settable one point ,and set it's value , or update on Context when enters a new value,but the result pointvalue's timestamp is the now ,is not the original should be.

    so,this can summarized execute one time pasted meta point,and update it's value into pasted timestamp .