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How to run Mango 2.2 and later version under an existing tomcat servlet?

  • Hello,
    I have a tomcat servlet with one website running on it.
    Now I want to put Mango 2.2 under this tomcat servlet to run, but it seems not working this way.
    My purpose is to access the two website with the same port, eg: http://localhost:8080/website1 and http://localhost:8080/mango
    I know I can change the port of mango to run it , but I don't want to do this because of some integration needs.
    Any ideas help?

  • Mango Automation 2.4.2 is the latest version and it doesn't run under tomcat. It has it's own Jetty server built in so you need to run it on a separate port than tomcat. I suppose you could run it under tomcat but you need to do quite a bit of work to make that happen. In the /classes/ file in the port settings. You start it with one of the ma-start scripts in the home folder.