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  • Hi everyone, I thought I would share one of my sucesses using Mango and DGLux.

    The client has a plant that takes raw coal in and then processes it into various products for distribution. There are a number of conveyor belts and each conveyor has a scale. A analog signal for the current weight and a pulsed relay contact for the totalised weight are fed into a Moxa IOLogik E2242. The Modbus registers are read into Mango and then displayed in DGlux.
    There is a small reporting page where the client can see the tonnages and also export this to a PDF. The data provided has really helped. In the past the client would have had to visit each conveyor belt on the plant and manually record the tonnages from the scale at the end of each shift. Now they can view the tonnages at any time from anywhere.

    The Mango installation is running on a small embedded PC with Ubuntu 12.04 as the OS. The system has been running for a year now with a 100% uptime. I chose to use Mysql rather than the embedded data base. This was to allow the client the ability to query the data tables for commercial reporting.

    The plant is spread over a large area and I used WiFi to connect all the Moxa units. The embedded PC sits in a small panel in a control room.
    Attached are some screen shots of the DGlux screens.

    Cheers Duncan

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  • Just as a side note, The support I have recieved from the people at Infinite Automation has been awesome. The Mango platform is very powerful and really easy to undertand. A special thanks to Joel for all his help and those early morning international calls.

  • Thanks for sharing!

  • Thanks Duncan!