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Why the support answer the question more slow more slow ? please give us answer timely!!!!

  • :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:

  • How entitled are you!?

    Look at the top of the page. This is a community forum, not a support channel. You are lucky that Joel and the rest of IA have replied to any of your threads at all - you barely put any effort into writing posts and providing enough information for anyone to help you.

    Starting a bunch of topics for every minor issue that you can't be bothered to research the solution to yourself is pretty annoying, but what is really annoying is that when the forum is filled up with rubbish it just increases white noise and affects the ability for legitimate community members to receive community support too.

    Demanding to be spoonfed instructions, starting multiple threads for the same 'problems', and then whinging about the slowness of replies is not a great way to ingratiate yourself to the community or the developers of mango. But then again, you have blatantly asked for instructions on how to remove the copyright footers and branding, so I suspect you are pretty shameless. I see you have made a second account ('workerman') to post with now too.

    It's fairly obvious too that you are using Mango in a commercial context. I think the amount of free support you've received so far has been pretty generous. If you want real support, buy the product!

  • I am really sorry.I misunderstand this function of this community.

    Sorry again!!!

  • Here are my suggestions (you don't have to follow them) for how to get the most out of this forum:

    • Think about your problem and try to solve it yourself first. You can try to solve it by searching online, by reading manuals, or by experimentation. By doing this you may not need to post at all.

    • When you do post, include the information that the person helping you needs to help you. For example, what you are trying to achieve, what you have tried, what you expected to happen, and what your actual results are. It shows that you have done some work and the community has more information to help you.

    • Put some effort into organising your post so that it is easy to read and understand. If someone has to spend too long trying to understand your post they won't want to help you. I know you aren't a native english speaker so it doesn't have to be perfect, just try, and the effort will be appreciated.

    • When someone tries to help you then read what they are saying carefully. If they helped then say so and acknowledge when the problem is solved. People are offering their assistance for free and no one wants to feel like they have wasted their time writing something that wasn't read.

    • Be considerate of the fact that this place is a community resource and when you create nonsense threads like this, you just fill it with junk and make a mess.

    • Participate in the community by trying to help others, if you can.

    Now I am no Mango expert but I can see that some of the problems you are having are easy to solve, but I see that all your recent threads have no replies. I think that if you followed the above then you would find people (including myself) are a lot more willing to assist you.

    Hope this helps you.

  • Thank for your suggestion!

    I will follow your suggestion and step to post my question in the fu
    I think this is misunderstand. If you have any suggestion,please let me know.If you donot tell me and maybe I will misunderstand deeply.

    Thanks again!!!