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Mango web access from cellphone

  • Hello all, I successfully installed mango m2m on my windows PC and created some datapoints.

    Now I want to watch datapoints from cellphone's browser, which is connected to the wifi to the same router as the windows PC.
    I googled for solution but didn't find answer (maybe I don't know how to find this one).

    Is there any way to access via browser on my cellphone this info? I tried writing on cellphone's browser "localhost:8080" but doesn't work.

    Thanks for any tip.

  • Solved:

    I opened cmd on my windows PC, write: "ipconfig" and then look for the PC ip.

    Write on your cellphone web browser:
    where the xx is the PC ip.

    Now I can see Mango Login :)

  • Good that you solved your issue and props to you for following up with how you solved it.

    Just so you know, 'localhost' (or its IP equivalent, are special addresses that always refer to the loopback interface of the machine you're on. Typing 'localhost' into your mobile phone tells it to look for a website being served on.. itself!