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How to mango achive this result?

  • HI
    As attachment show :

    Now want to get this result like attachement plus below get a graphic according to the corresponding data.(please refer to attachment)

    now I have connect the equipment and get data . the datapoint value is "analyzer response value".In a different mode,need set the different time period.for instance:in "auto an "mode,time period is 3:00-3:14, in "auto ro" mode ,time period is "3:14-4:00",but datapoint is same datapoint.
    "analyzer response value" is get the value from datapoint.
    “calib source value” is Artificial definition or setting by hand.
    "Diff this cal=(analyzer response value-calib source value)/100
    "Diff this cal=(analyzer last value-calib source value)/100

    How to achive this result like attchment plus below get a graphic according to the corresponding data.Pls tell me in detail.

    Thanks in advance

  • Just curious, are you using a paid or a free license for mango?

  • Sorry,I donot understand what do this mean?

  • yes. I will purchase the mango later.