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  • Hi!

    I'm looking for a solution to monitor OEM devices. As I see, this software is capable for much more than I need, but the HMI and user management parts are the most important for me. So I would like to know if this software is competent for my problem.

    The problem is: I need to analyse and display data, collected from multiple (similar) devices, handle events, create alarms etc. Small groups of this devices would belong to different users (or user groups) and they shouldn't access other users device data/settings. I need multiple permission levels for users to handle their collected data, group admins to manage their own users etc. The most important thing is that I want only one online average user interface which access and show data depending the permissions of the actual user login (and one other for service/admin settings for the group). The configuration of users and their devices should be easy (almost copy paste) after the first one because the devices are similar to each other.

    So I don't need the automatization or attendance parts. The focus is on monitoring, the key points are:

    • Massive data collection from similar OEM devices
    • Multiple level user permissions
    • Easy data source management (to configure lots of similar devices without spending hours with each one)
    • Only one online user interface that provide access only to the devices connected to the actual login(and an other one for group admins)

    The question is: Does Mango provide solution for this problem?

  • Hi Greg

    Mango is certainly purposed for massive data collection tasks, whether from similar devices or wholly disparate sources while doing analytic and monitoring functions.

    There are tools built in to Mango that can make repeated configuration far more efficient than the manual process. First is the fact that Mango data sources and points can be represented in JSON and through that mechanism imported and exported from Mango instances. Built on this system is one of templating in the Template Configuration module, where you can modify a JSON object to have certain attributes that vary, and then use the wizard to import from a template. Here is a video and thread about the template module:

    I am not fully understanding the requirements of your user permissions. Mango affords permissions at a few levels. First, data points all have three potential permission levels for all users: no permissions, read permission, and set permission (if a point is settable). Second is access to a dashboard or data presentation, which must be shared with a particular user by the user which created it to be visible. And going a step further Mango is modular such that you could build an API for any peculiarities of the permissions you require.

    Depending on the supplied visualization tool you would choose to use, you can certainly specify which dashboard each user is directed to, as well as build an administrative dashboard for the admin users.

    I hope this helped.

  • Hi Greg,

    Thanks for taking a look at Mango for your needs.

    • Massive data collection from similar OEM devices
      This is something Mango can definitely handle very well. You probably would want to look at the enterprise version for the NoSQL database
    • Multiple level user permissions
      This is not currently a feature in Mango but it is something we are interested in supporting
    • Easy data source management (to configure lots of similar devices without spending hours with each one)
      We are currently building an API for Mango which will allow you to build your own custom UI so you can tailor things to your exact needs.
    - Only one online user interface that provide access only to the devices connected to the actual login(and an other one for group admins) 

    This can currently be done but not with user groups, only users.

  • Hi!

    Thank you for your help and detailed answers, I think I'll take a deeper look at Mango!

  • Hi!

    Mango is a very good and strong base for what I need. I spent some time configuring mango and playing around with the virtual devices.
    I'm researching for a company project and we miss more detailed configuration, but as I said the base is really good.

    Before making further decisions, I have to know how hard it is to add/change things in the source and how difficult is to integrate new modules.
    Can you help me which development environment and tools should I use (or tell me which one do you use), and give a quick explanation about how should I configure them, please?
    (I prefer Eclipse)

    Edit: I've found an old topic about Building Mango in Eclipse, but that seems outdated by now.

  • Hi Greg,

    We have a google doc that should help with the eclipse set up:

    We are doing constant development so if would be good for you to list out the specific modifications that you require so we can see if they are things that are already being addressed or may be on our road map.


  • Hi!

    We don't have complete specifications yet, I'm just exploring the possibilities and the difficulty of modifying/creating things.
    So far we might need deeper user management and testing the system with our own devices.

    Thanks for the eclipse setup doc, it helped a lot. Do you have any other documentations?


  • There is a little bit here but it's a bit dated: