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Serial data source set data point to numeric

  • Hi All,
    I am using the serial data source to process a string of values from a sensor node. e.g. CL 221.035BV=([0-9]+.[0-9]+)\r
    CL is the node type, 221.035 is its address, BV is the point type and the value is a numeral with decimal point preceded by a "=" and terminated with \r.
    I am using the following regex for the data point CL 221.035BV=([0-9]+.[0-9]+)\r

    The problem is I am unable to set the point type to anything but alphanumeric.
    Do I need to modify my regex or is this a current limitation in the serial data source?


  • When set to alphanumeric, what sorts of values is the point getting? When set to other types what happens? It appears right in the code: Data Source/src/com/infiniteautomation/serial/rt/

    //Switch on the type
    case DataTypes.ALPHANUMERIC:
    newValue = new PointValueTime(value,new Date().getTime());
    case DataTypes.NUMERIC:
    newValue = new PointValueTime(Double.parseDouble(value),new Date().getTime());
    case DataTypes.MULTISTATE:
    newValue = new PointValueTime(Integer.parseInt(value),new Date().getTime());
    case DataTypes.BINARY:
    newValue = new PointValueTime(Boolean.parseBoolean(value),new Date().getTime());
    throw new ShouldNeverHappenException("Uknown Data type for point");

  • Hi Philip.
    I am getting decimal formatted alphanumeric strings (see attached).
    The problem is I set the data point type to numeric and as soon as I click save it switches to alphanumeric. This is before any data is processed.


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  • Hey Matt, sorry it took me so long to reply, I did a little camping this weekend...

    Ah, I understand. It looks like this was the case in the point settings and for whatever reason I was reading that as a data source problem. I found the issue in the code and have corrected it I believe, and thanks for bringing this to our attention:

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  • Thanks Phillip,
    I hope camping was good. It's snow down to sea level here.