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  • Serotonin Software is considering replacing Open Mango with Commercial Mango. That is, Commercial Mango could become free and open source. (No, sorry. If you paid for it already, you won't be getting a cheque. :() If it happens it probably wouldn't be for some time, just so that existing purchasers don't feel slighted.

  • free commercial version will only help mango grow and improve which in turn will help all users whether they have paid or not. I'm all for it!

  • Although I paid for the commercial version i don't mind it being free as long as it keeps getting developed and supported.

    Its a great product !!!



  • Serotonin makes more revenue on requests for enhancements than on licenses. The thinking is that if more people will use it when it is free, then consulting revenues will increase accordingly. At least that's the running theory. If true, you can be sure that the product will continue being developed and supported.