Hi All,

I'm looking for some help using Mango with my Leonardo Arduino. I've looked through the various posts on this site on the subject but so far I've been unable to find a definative Modbus library and some sample code that will work for testing. I've downloaded the latest modbus_rtu_slave.pde and ModbusSlave.tar.gz from JPMzometa's website but have been unable to get the sketch to compile and work with the library. I've also tried following a post off here that had some sample code and links to the latest library but that also failed to compile. Can anyone please point me at the definative Modbus library version and a compatible sample sketch that I can use to engineer my project? I'm programming with Arduino version 1.0.5-r2.

I'm fairly new to Arduino, I'm just getting into it as a hobby but I'm an industrial automation engineer so I'm familiar with automation, PLC, SCADA concepts.

Any help or pointers would be truly appreciated.

Many thanks,

Lee :)