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Exception from modbus master: Stream closed

  • Hello,

    Nowadays I am using Mango for collecting data from a modbus IP network. It seems to work ok but recently the following urgent error message has appeared:

    Exception from modbus master: Stream closed

    I can still read the modbus slaves values but this message does not desappear.

    Could anybody help me with this issue? Thanks.

  • Hi CAHA,

    I assume you are using a Modbus TCP data source. What type: regular or "keep alive"?

  • Hi mlohbihler,

    Thanks for the quick reply.

    I used to work with the TCP data source but I have also tried the keep alive one.

    I do not know if it could help, but the message began to appear just after a Polling Network Error, but the polling error disappeared inmediately

  • The message could come from multiple places, but in general it means that the TCP connection to your modbus equipment was closed, and not by Mango. When you are using the keep-alive, Mango detects the condition and attempts a re-connect upon the next polling. If the stream was closed during a poll, the remainder of the poll will fail. Overall it indicates network problems.