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  • Hi,

    I would like to run Mango on cloude server but i got this error durring initialization:
    SelectChannelConnector@ FAILED: Permission denied.

    Embedded Jetty tries to open socket at, which is prohibited by Openshift server - you can only open ports at $OPENSHIFT_INTERNAL_IP.

    My question is : how to set to $OPENSHIFT_INTERNAL_IP ( any xml ? ) ?

    Is compilation from source necessary ?

    Thanks in advance


  • plato,

    This is currently only done by modifying the source in one of our private libraries. I have just made some changes to the code that will allow changing the host interface that Mango will bind to. This release should be available by next week.

    Currently Mango will bind to (all interfaces). The change I have made will allow binding to any ip address via a new property in the file called 'host'. Am I correct in assuming this will fix your issue?

  • Yes - this should help.
    Will let you know.