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  • As a new user of Mango, I often wish for more complete documentation - The impression I get from the forums here is that many other users do too. In my opinion (as an end-user, nothing more) this is probably one of the biggest barriers to larger uptake of Mango. The software is great, but really requires a lot of tinkering with and playing with to understand.

    I see that there is a Wiki: (which I must admit I did not know about until today!) which is a great start.
    My suggestion is to encourage users to contribute by incentive, perhaps by offering module licenses for article/s written.

    Another product I use (Mikrotik Routerboard), follow this model. They offer licenses for their routing software as rewards for users who write good wiki articles. As a result their wiki is chock-full of high quality illustrated how-tos, tutorials, guides, application examples and much more, making it a fantastic resource. And it was almost entirely community written!

    • Jeremy

  • This is definitely a good idea. Documentation has been one of those things we keep working on but never gets finished as much as we want. Right now the wiki you found is purely a collection of the identical help documents you will find in Mango when you click on the "?" for the popup. I think in the near future we will implement a better wiki and maybe take you up on your suggestion to encourage others to help up with the documentation process.

    Thanks very much,