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  • I think it would be fantastic if there was a feature or module that allowed for syncing/mirroring of historical point data across various Mango Automation instances, comparing records and populating the sync target with any 'gaps'.

    We frequently come across plants where data transport is unreliable or intermittently available, so having a small local server running and collecting data, then periodically 'syncing' to another mango server when the connection permits, would be of huge value. There are probably numerous other use-cases too such as hot backups.

    Has anyone considered or attempted this?

  • Good new, this has been a feature of Mango for quite some time. It's called the Persistent TCP and is included in the Full Mango Automation Download. If you just want to get the modules you can find it here:

    It creates a real time connection from one or more Mango's into a central Mango. You can configure it to do a period sync where they will check each other data and make sure that the central isn't missing any data. The really powerful part of it is that there is no configuration to do on the receiving end. You just create a data source, specify a port and an authorization code. You then point your other Mangos to the centrals IP and port and it will push the full point configuration and even keep them organized in the same point hierarchy structure. We have one customer that has over 50,000 per second being synced into a central Mango instance in an Amazon cloud.

    There are good help documents inside the module but let me know if you need any help with it.


  • Hi Joel,

    Fantastic! I don't know why I had not come across this before. I have obviously seen the persistent TCP module referred to in a bunch of places, but I did not realise its purpose.
    (I am reading about it just now in the recently discovered the Serotonin Wiki, which I was not aware of until now)

    Is it possible to install the TCP Persistent Connection module in demo mode when the Core module is already licensed?


  • Hi Jeremy,

    Yes you can install the module in an existing system. The module will be restricted until is has a license as well but you can test it out with up to 5 points before you get a license for it. You also need to make sure the module version you get matches the version of the core you have.