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  • I think JDK successfully installed and bat file runs to http://localhost:8080/login.htm.
    Attempting to login with default returns "user ID not found".

    (default login I think did work first time and I attempted to change as recommended).

    How can I recover? - re-install didn't help.

    I'm keen to exercise Mango - thanks in anticip,

  • default login is admin / admin.

    Let me know if that works.


  • Thanks for very rapid reply Joel,
    admin admin worked the first time.
    (I must admit I wasn't expecting a browser page and thought this was something to do with licenses)
    Couldn't find the change login, but attempted to create a new user - I've tried this too - to no avail.

    Bottom line is default fails and I can't login with anything...

  • Ok, you must have changed the admin users password. There are other ways to handle this but in your case the easiest will be to stop Mango and delete your database which is the /madb folder when you restart it will create a new clean database with user admin admin.


  • Yep, all good when I deleted the whole folder.
    Thanks, now I can play!

  • Great, I should have mentioned that this will also delete all our configuration and data so it' ok to do on a new install with nothing configured but not something to do later on.

  • I have a problem,I can log,but there is something wrong,it refer"a server error has occured .More information may be available in the console."What should I do?

  • Hi,

    Sorry for the late reply on this. You can look in your ma.log file in your logs folder and it should tell you the error. Feel free to email that to: support at infiniteautomation dot com and we'll take a look at it.