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Migrating from ScadaBR to Mango Automation Version 2.1.0

  • Hi, I have purchased mango automation license and I need to migrate from running full configured ScadaBR ( about 500 datasources and datapoints ) to Mango Automation.

    Both database engine are MySQL

    It's not as simple as export to json in ScadaBR and import json in Mango, as mysql schemes have many differences ( schemes attached ) and it just doesn't work :(

    Question is:

    Is there some utility for doing the job or defined procedure ?


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  • I've not done any conversations from scadaBr but I have from Mango M2M and it should be fairly similar. You can export the JSON but it will need to be massaged a bit. If you send me your JSON export I will take a look and give you some pointers. The pointHistory table is another story. You have two options. 1. Export the data as csv from your old system and then use the history data import module in Mango Automation to import history for each data point. If you have a lot this could be time consuming.

    Your other options is to copy over the pointValues table but the datapointIDs will not match the correct data points. So you would need to look up the data point ID in your old mango and see what it changed to in the new one and then do a find and replace on the datapointID in the PointValues table. I think this could be done with one or two SQL commands if you or someone you know has a good handle on SQL.


  • Thank you for your response.

    I think I will not have problem with pointValues history as dumping them from ScadaBR mysql table and import them to mango automation mysql table will be easy. Problem is with all other stuff ...

    Attatch ScadaBR json.

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