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  • We are currently using Mango's HTTP receiver, but have concerns about its security. (DoS or MITM) Our thoughts turned to maybe updating the micro controller(s) to send it data through HTTPS (SSL) and of course rewriting the data source module. However, it appears that this idea is maybe a little burdensome on the controller.

    So what about ? It appears to answer the security questions and is lightweight. Clearly the HTTP input module would need updating.
    What do you think?

  • MQTT looks like an excellent idea to add as a data source to Mango. I'm not familiar with the protocol, do you know of many devices using it? I see they have some Java libraries so it might be fairly easy to add. We'd need some hardware to test with if we were going to add this protocol.


  • It's also new to me Joel. :oops:

    Take a look at!topic/mqtt/c1dlCdA5eOc. Plenty of devices listed here. Xively (Pachube) also accepts messages in this protocol.
    It appears that MQTT is not secure in its own right, but there are SSL/TSL implementations, presumably adding overhead :?

    Anyhow, maybe we can provide a client side embedded instance if you look after the server side?

  • Thanks this looks really interesting. We'll take a look and see what it would take to add to Mango. If it's something you wanted to be added sooner than later maybe consider pitching in some development funds and we could make it more of a priority.