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  • I have a source that returns me 1200 for a certain point.
    Is there an easy way to divide by 100 before it gets stored in the database?

    If that is possible, could I do the same with the existing data in the database (default database). I would know how to do that easily using MySQL.


  • Depending on the type of your data source, there might be a 'multiplier' attribute in the point details on the edit datasource page. This will serve both those purposes going forward (I'm not certain if it will reinterpret old data).

  • Thanks, this multiplier did the track for new data. I have overlooked this useful feature!

    It would actually be great if there would be a place to enter a formula, even better if the formula could use variables with data from other data points.

    As soon as I have a little more time I will check how to access the database and modify the old values, or must move it all to MySQL all together, since it's running on the same machine anyway.

  • I suggest you experiment with the 'Meta Data Source'