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  • Hi,

    We have created a DGLux dashboard for a operation room that runs 24x7. The dashboard displays some real-time and historical data. However, we noticed that dashboard will stop updating overnight. We noticed the Mango session has time out (we need to login to Mango again when accessing the watchlist URL, etc).

    Can you configure Mango/DGLux so that the session will not timed out so the dashboard will keep updated over days?


  • You can try setting the dashboard to auto refresh by linking a timer to a refresh behavior. Also make sure your browser isn't going to sleep.


  • Hi Joel,

    Thank you for your prompt reply.

    Can you give me an example on what you mean by refresh behavior?

    Regarding browser isn't going to sleep, you are referring to the OS of the client PC isn't going into sleep mode right?


  • Add a trigger under a dynamic property.
    Next go to the behavior tab and click the + sign to add a behavior. At the bottom of the list you'll see your trigger. After you add the trigger Change the action name to Refresh Browser.

    Next you'll have to link a timer to fire the trigger.


  • Which object should we add this dynamic property to? Just any container?

  • I am trying the following. Let me know if I have interpreted you incorrectly.

    I have created a 1-sec timer that resets every 30 sec.
    I have created a Trigger under the Main Container and named it Refresh Browser.
    I have binded the Timer to invoke the Refresh Browser trigger when it hits "0" (every 30 sec).
    I have created an event under Main Container with Refresh Browser trigger.

    Right now the event from Rresh Browser trigger does not set any state. Is this correct?

  • Any help?

  • You now need to add a behavior to the trigger. On the same container with your trigger, click on the Behavior accordion and then click the +, at the very bottom of the list you will see your trigger. Once the trigger is added change the set state to refresh.


  • I set the trigger and behavior (Refresh Browser) on the Main Container. However, the dashboard still freeze after a couple of hours. See attachments.

    Attachment: download link

  • Hi Ricardo,

    Try increasing the time out setting in the file mango home/web/WEB-INF/web.xml


    Let me know if that help.


  • Since the dashboard will be use in a control room without much user interaction, is there a configuration setting that will disable timeout all together? Or I need to put an arbitrary large timeout value?

  • You'll probably have to just set it really high. You many also need to make sure the browser isn't going to sleep. If the browser is active it should not time out, the time out only applies ones the browser goes inactive.