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  • How to erase alarms list? Now I have more than 50k alarms and manual erasing is almost impossible.

  • Do you want to erase alarms from the database, or simply acknowledge them so they won't be displayed by default in the Pending Alarms page?

    The "Acknowledge All" option can only acknowledge alarms one page at a time. This can be time consuming if there are many pages of alarms. Note that alarms/events that occur on a regular schedule can be acknowledged automatically by creating a Maintenance Event in the Maintenance Events module.

    I agree that sometimes there are too many pending alarms, and I often find that I want to acknowledge or silence some, but not all alarms. Currently the only way to acknowledge them is a one-or-all choice, so that if you want to acknowledge all but one of 100 alarms, you must acknowledge 99 alarms individually. It would be nice if we could filter the list before selecting "acknowledge all." It simply takes too long to acknowledge them individually, especially if we're connected over a high-latency link.

    I think a good solution would be to implement the following:

    • Rename the "Acknowledge All" link to "Acknowledge All This Page"
    • Create a true "Acknowledge All" link
    • Implement a filter to select which alarms to display, and acknowledge only those
    • When selecting any of the "Acknowledge All" links, allow choosing the alarm level so that, for instance, you can acknowledge all Information in one go, but then acknowledge the Urgent events individually.

  • Good feedback. One thing to check is your purge settings for events on your system setting page. In our next release coming soon we have a more advanced search and filter table which should make acknowledging the alarms easier. You can always just delete them with an SQL command on the database as well.


  • Dear Joel,
    Please let me know how should look this SQL command. Where I can find structure map of mango database?

  • Hi Piotr,

    Please let me know what version of Mango you are using and what type of database you are using it with (mysql or derby)?

    If you are using a MySQL database you can view the database with several tools. With Derby or MySQL you can also use the SQL console module to view and make DB modifications. If you needed help beyond this with exact SQL statements you'd need to purchase some support and we would do this with you in person.



  • Dear Joel,
    I'm using Mango 1.12.0 and I'm pretty sure that this is MySQL database.