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Test environment to realworld

  • It would be nice if you could change groups of points common attributes at once... Like select multiple points from a datasource and change (IP, setable, COV, etc..

    I have a testbed with a different subnet than the actual facility subnet there are hundreds of data points so changing the IP of each individual point is pretty cumbersome. This would be simple also if the datapoint value objects weren't serialized to blobs in the DB then you could just write a simple sql script to change them all at once.

  • True, but serializing the data to blobs makes other things vastly simpler.

    We are considering introducing an import/export facility that would allow changes like what you are suggesting to be done in a text file format. Stay tuned for that.

  • Awesome! Yeah I was just thinking import export would be sweet.

    JPA for persistence would be cool as well then you could just provide a Persistence unit xml to map to any database

  • The JPA thing should probably go on a different wishlist item but it would get rid of necessity to serialize to binary. :-)

  • @cyberoblivion said:

    It would be nice if you could change groups of points common attributes at once...

    I was thinking of 'point groups' that would allow me to specify what group a point would belong to and then it could inherit all of the logging properties and event detectors of that group. This would save me going to each point edit details page and changing the logging properties, adding specific event handlers... but this was just an idle thought.

    An import/export feature would be nice as it would allow me to easily see the configuration of all my points and change multiple points at once. As well as making it easy to backup and restore an instance's configuration.

  • Yeah, not to mention being able to create a configuration in the lab, and then copy it into a million units in the field. :)