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  • I need to create a button in view graph. This button refresh the variables without waiting modbus serial polling. How do I do?


  • If I understand you correctly you want the button in a Mango Graphic View to poll the Modbus slaves immediately regardless of the regular update period set in the data source?

    This would only be possible with some customization to the code which could probably be done but would require some funding on your part.


  • Exactly.

  • I tried to look into your question briefly to see if there was a function you could call, something like mango.view.initPointDetails() or DataPointDetailsDwr.forcePointRead(dpid, callback func) from a server-side script, but I haven't met obvious success trying that. I doubt those functions prompt the modbus to poll, but I'm not 100% certain.

    It's something to experiment with, if you feel so inclined. My intuition is aligned with Joel's, though: this is something that would take code customization to achieve.