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Webhosting running mango as a client

  • Hi,

    I run an online forum for motorhomes. I'm attempting to get everyone geared up to install sensor area networks on their RVs. The equipment in each motorhome would include a cellular router, a ZigBee Gateway, and one or more XBee's and Arduino's with attached sensors. My forum is pulling data off Digi's iDigi Device Cloud by Etherios using HTTP methods and XML documents. I need software on my web hosting environment to take this data and display it in graphical gauges and I thought maybe Mango could do it, but the more I look into it the more it looks like Mango is really meant for local computing on a personal PC. Is this the case, or can Mango be installed in a web hosting environment to display data pulled off a third party device cloud?

    David, NC

  • Hi David,

    Mango can definitely be hosted in the cloud and display information revenant to individual users. I recommend you install a free version of Mango on a cloud server for testing. Feel free to contact us for further info.