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  • Hey there, I poked around but couldn't seem to find a similar problem to what I am seeing.

    I recently installed the newest Mango core 2.0.3 and I can't seem to add a data-source. From what I can tell it should be as easy as go to the data-sources page, select the data-source type from the drop box, click add and configure it. The problem I am having is the drop box is empty. I'l brand new to Mango, but I think I followed the installation procedure correctly. I've tried accessing Mango through Chrome (worst experience of the three), Firefox (better), and IE (sadly the best performance), but they all report that drop box being empty.

    Did I miss something in the install?

    Any advice is greatly appreciated,


  • Hi Adam,

    Each data source is it's own module. Go back to the download page and download the data source modules that you want. You then place the zip files in the web/modules folder and restart mango.


  • Thanks Joel!

    I'll give that a try.